Play to Earn

Get great token rewards in fun games
In the game world of MetaHero, you will be able to get a lot of game asset tokens by playing games. You can exchange game asset tokens into game circulation tokens, and finally into USDT. Remember, Play to Earn is the first step is to obtain heroes. Only heroes with purple and above quality can be produced in the game, and then they can participate in the synthesis, upgrade, trading and other gameplay of heroes.
Different from the centralized mode of traditional games, MetaHero gives gamers sufficient game rights. The heroes purchased and synthesized by the player are all owned by the player, and the player has the right to freely trade the heroes they own.
Hero System
The strengths of each hero vary, so when lining up your troops, only a reasonable mix will create the strongest line-up to maximize your combat power and complete your task of defending your tribe.
Blue Hero
Purple Hero
Purple+ Hero
Orange Hero
Tiny Archer
Frost Archer
God Archer
King Archer
Little Hammer
Tauren Rikishi
Golden Rikishi
Vajra Rikishi
Beginner Alchemist
Master Alchemist
Senior Alchemist
Babel Alchemist
Apprentice Mage
Perfect Mage
Holy Mage
Imperial Mage
Pet System