The original intention of Metahero was to bring the game back to the essence of fun!
MetaHero is a top-notch GameFi production from the game graphics to the war scenes, as well as the combat missions and level designing. Together with the rich and interesting gameplay, players can get a fully immersive gaming experience in MetaHero.
Different from the stereotypes of chain games in the market, MetaHero has the following major features:
Multiple tasks, unlimited levels
Different game scenes, rich level design, a wide variety of monsters, combat upgrade.
Pet raising, millions of cute pets
Start a hero adventure journey. Upgrade and synthesis to level up your combat power, You can also collect unique pets!
Unique skills, cool special effects
Each Each hero has a special skill and fighting style, the game war effects are very cool.
Huge rewards, non-stop excitement
Take your hero to participate in the tasks to harvest rich supplies, and receive a large amount of super rewards every day.