Collecting ideas for self-governance and sharing with others!
MetaHero is a player-led decentralized economy, where players not only control the assets in the game, but also have access to ecological governance by holding game equity tokens, thereby voting on major matters related to the project.
MH-DAO participants will be the owners and managers of the entire MetaHero ecosystem. Holders of MetaHero governance tokens, MHC, can stake their tokens and participate in the governance votes proposed by the team. The platform has formed a stable positive development after the initial community governance and will gradually form a decentralized community governance.
MH-DAO aims to earn the game and its in-game assets by investing in MetaHero games, incubate millions of Play-to-Earn gaming communities and top game guilds, and bring global gamers together in a new economic model to create the world's largest virtual world economy.