A protracted war is about to sweep through MetaHero!
The Origin of the World
On a distant planet, there is an Independent Kingdom where many tribes are spread out.
The tribes are rich in species and resources, but also in monsters.
They have long resented human rule and have long coveted the right to rule the Independent Kingdom.
From the Golden Coast to the Fiery Plains and the Thunder Cliffs, the monsters are everywhere you go.
To defend this beautiful homeland, sometimes one has to risk one's life.
The heroes must use all their strengths to prevent attacks and stand by.
Elven Shelter
In the Independent Kingdom, there is a mysterious mountain of elves.
For generations, the elves have protected the peace and prosperity of the Independent Kingdom.
However, the unrest among the tribes is worrying the elves.
In order to prevent the Independent Kingdom from falling into chaos and disarray, the elves have decided to stand up for themselves and fight alongside the heroes.
They take on the form of pets and seek out heroes with incredible powers to aid them in their quest for victory.
Rare Resources
There are many rare resources in the tribes of the Independent Kingdom.
Aura Stone, Magic Wood, Holy Water ......
These rare materials are seen as valuable treasure between the various tribes.
They are also the subject of long-awaited plunder by monsters.
The tribal wars in the Independent Kingdom are fought over resources, but they are also fought over resources.
When you have control of rare materials, you have control of your tribe's economy, thus the control of the Independence Kingdom.
War Begins
The monsters that have been waiting for a long time have finally launched a frenzied attack on humanity.
In the fierce battle of the tribes, only heroes with good strategy can survive the brutal battle.
In order to increase their chances of winning, heroes must master the strategy of reasonable military formations, as well as the pet and inscription system to strengthen their combat power.
The day the monsters run out of breath is the day the war ends.
The heroes who have the resources are the saviours who will rule the Kingdom.