Economic Models

MetaHero has robust token economics, and we know that the key to a game's success is the fun of the game and the return of the time and effort players put into the game. We will follow the economic logic of smart contracts, divide tokens into game equity tokens, game circulation tokens, and game asset tokens according to the game mechanism, gradually form a virtual world with a more complete economic system, and further bring gradual progress to users. type of progress. The ultimate "Play-to-Earn" gaming experience.
In the MetaHero game, all users can obtain heroes in various ways, and obtain three game assets ASB, MWB, and HWB through game levels. Then you can exchange game assets into HSPC tokens through the SWAP function, get HSPC tokens to exchange for USDT in the secondary market or exchange, or participate in game investment (DeFi) to keep your tokens in value, MHC will become the reward of the game world Tokens and consumption tokens will be used for in-game ecological construction. The entire economic system is interlinked, and coupled with the destruction and deflation mechanism, the stability of HSPC and MHC tokens can be maintained for a long time.