Super War Pet is a GameFi that distinguishes itself from homogeneity and a game that has a very competitive economic model.
1. The game's various mechanisms provide a fairer playing space for low-level and new players, reducing the income gap between ordinary players and top-up players as well as skilled players in the game, while the game has a low entry threshold cost, which will build a huge player base for the game.
2. With a more solid economic model to ensure the stability of the game token system and the benign development of the game ecology, which is conducive to promoting the stable increase of token prices.
3. Based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)with a huge fan base, providing sufficient power for the game's sustained growth.
4. Using the NFT standard that is more suitable for game interaction, the game will continue to develop financial system, new scenes, land system, mining and farming and other kinds of rich gameplay, which will be a metaverse full of creativity and flexibility.
Based on the above points, MetaHero has a huge potential to unlock a gold mining metaverse!
As its vision,not only to create blockchain games with financial rewards. Also, we want to create lasting value for all users and communities. Our goal is to provide the best experience and monetary return for all stakeholders.